Business Measurement

The overall aim of business measurement it to provide data that will allow you to monitor and improve your business, develop new business strategies and increase profitability. Gathering this data will help you see areas of your business that need improvement and will help you increase customer satisfaction and potentially reduce operating costs.

There are various ways in which you can make your business more effective, measuring and monitoring key attributes such as production, customer analysis and financial monitoring can provide us with information on how your business can develop and grow.

Ensuring the success of an ISO standard will require an adjustment in approach to your business and you must see the opportunities that a standard can present and use it to your benefit. When working with IBCN we will ensure we give you all of the tools you need to successfully implement an ISO strategy and grow your business long-term.

We will work with you to identify business measures and targets and provide you with appropriate actions and help you achieve the desired results.

Benefits of measuring business performance

  • Increased profitability
  • Improved customer satisfaction & retention
  • Reduced operational waste and costs
  • Improved competitive edge.

How we can help?

  • Measure your current performance
  • Benchmark and profile your organisation
  • Identify your areas of strength and areas to improve
  • Identify your objectives and set targets
  • Produce an action plan to achieve your goals
  • Support your improvement process.

We can provide you with additional support within business measurement:

  • Business health checks
  • Customer surveys
  • Employee surveys
  • Improvement tools & technique training
  • Performance profiling and benchmarking
  • Investors in People (IiP)
  • Investors in Excellence (IiE)

Business measurement can really help you understand where your business is going and how you can optimise your business to grow. Call us for more information on how we are able to work with you.


Independent Business Consultants Network (IBCN) is a virtual organisation comprising of a group of like-minded consultants who can operate either individually or form together as a specialist team depending on the size and complexity of the project.


Our objective is to provide experienced practitioners, facilitators, trouble-shooters, designers and implementers to assist in the introduction of practical Business Management Systems which are certified.


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